• "I tried the Thermogenic Push and the Abdominal cuts for 3 months... Your product definitely gave me what I needed to turn my body around...I not only had the energy to work out but it completely turned my attitude around.."

    -David B

  • "A few month ago I purchased the Dreamweaver sleep aid and, I must say it has work greater than I had anticipated. In fact, on my recommendation, a few of my friends have also order the supplement. I will continue to use it as a healthy and more effective alternative to Ambien, etc."

    -Billy P

  • "I've used your product in the past....way back when you first came out....now I'm pregnant with my fourth child so I'm not currently using your products....but after the baby is born I'll be breastfeeding.....is the abdominal cuts product still a safe choice or should I wait? Thanks!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!"


  • "When I visited GNC on my monthly pick up I saw Abdominal cuts at the counter and I was curious and asked what it was. When he explained it to me the thing that stood out the most is all natural so I gave it a try. I'm the biggest skeptic you could ever know because I tried everything, and I mean EVERY WEIGHT REDUCTION AND THERMOGENIC PILL. The first day I immediately felt less hungry, especially for junk foods and sweets. The best part about it is....NO JITTERS!!!! I started on June 1, and it is June 10 and I lost 8lbs!! Never thought a weight lost pill would be released that actually worked (I can't even call it a weight lost pill, this is in a different class)!!! I cant wait to see where my weight is at the end of my 30-day cycle. You've got to be doing something right for me to write a testimonial to you!! Great job Rev!!"

    -Jay Jay

  • "Two months ago I tried your Abdominal Cuts product and experienced some pretty amazing results my second month. On my last visit to GNC I decided to try out your Dreamweaver product. I have to admit that as much as I have liked Abdominal Cuts, Dreamweaver is my favorite! I sleep a hundred times better than I ever remember sleeping! I feel completely rejuvenated when I wake up. Along with the improved sleep, I have lost another 7 lbs. I am nearly to my goal of losing 25 lbs total!

    I gave a couple of Dreamweavers to a co-worker and she noticed the sleep effects the very first night. Thanks for making such great products!"