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Thermogenic Push Female

Product Review (submitted on April 28, 2011):
I have Corr Jensen products in the past and really liked the results I saw with my work outs and my body physique. I used the products when I was deployed. When I first deployed in 2008 and 2009, I had not the energy to wake up and go out on combat patrol missions. The missions were daily events for me . . . I could not keep up with my male counterparts, so I started looking into supplements that would boost my energy. At first I had taken Stacker 3 because it was available out here. It was not until I joined GNC and found Corr Jensen products which I decided to try after reading reviews.

Since some of their products are made for a woman, our target losses are different from me. Corr Jensen products gave me just the daily boost I needed. In fact I have continued to order them while I was at home. These products work wonders when your living a very active life style!

In addition to extra energy for deployment, I stepped up my workouts to 2-3 times per day for 6 days a week. I felt energized, and stopped taking products by the afternoon but could never really go to bed at night! So I am excited to see what Dream Weaver has to Offer. In addition this time I am trying the combination or Thermogenic Push with the Female version of Abdominal Cuts. I additionally ordered the Extreme fat burner and of course my regular (original abdominal cuts) with dream weaver to test different combinations.

When I came off the product, I put the weight back on and even felt like I was living less healthier, I felt like a garbage can of pollutants! Especially during Thanksgiving that year, I gained the weight fast when I left it in Iraq and I came back and lost everything very fast, faster than I thought was normal! It made me realize that Corr Jensen Products were Revolutionary! and made me really appreciate the product!!!

I will be taking more Corr Jensen Products and just ordered my next combination! I will re-post on new products after I begin to see results.

I Love You Corr Jensen!