Abdominal Cuts Green

Abdominal Cuts Green

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Loss of fat in the adipose tissue area (stomach, hips, butt) should be noticed by completion of first bottle. Formulated to:

  • Promote fat burning without stimulants
  • Reduce white adipose fats around midsection
  • Block belly fat hormones
  • Deliver heart-healthy omega-3
  • Maximize workout efforts
  • 100% Natural
  • Clinically proven to reduce fat


A carotenoid from a brown seaweed called wakeme and kombu. Doctors realized that fucoxanthin promoted a loss in belly fat when they found that it regulated a protein called uncoupling protein 1, or UCP1. This protein controls the amount of fatty white adipose controls the amount of fatty white adipose tissue which is stored in the body. Some metabolic and nutritional studies indicate that fucoxan- thin promotes fat burning within fat cells in white adipose tissue

CLA with Sesamin

The combination of CLA with sesamin increases the activity of several liver en- zymes that break down fatty acids. Sesamin lignans also boost the weight-loss effects of CLA. The combination of CLA and sesamin is also effective in lowering serum triglycerides.

Safflower Oil

May help to block belly fat hormones and may reduce fat even without exercise.

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