Trista's Weight Loss Story

My name is Trista Sutter, I am the mother of two beautiful children and the wife of a wonderful man whom I met on the reality TV series, The Bachelorette. Over the past couple of years, many media outlets have been interested in covering my post-baby weight loss story. While you may look at me now and think I have never had a weight loss problem so what do i know, the truth is that I have endured weight challenges just like any other woman. After I had my first child, I found it truly difficult to lose weight for the first time in my life. With my second, I gained even more weight (50lbs) and losing it was a lot more difficult. As moms, we tend to always put our kids' priorities in front of our own, after all it is our job! However, I believe it is important to find time to work on YOU. Exercise and nutrition are important because you want to be around for your children and being healthy and energetic is vital for everyone!

The magazines that covered my weight loss experience touched on what I did to lose the weight, but I wanted to share everything that I did with you so that you may find success in your pursuit for a healthier you too. This website offers a plan and a place to start. It is no secret that losing weight can be overwhelming, so if you are one of those people struggling to lose weight with no clue where to start, use this site, to learn how many calories a day you need, because everyone is different. Use this in conjuntion with the product Abdominal Cuts (they help you drop midsection fat and tone up your tummy quicker). Also find a great place to exercise! Exercise centers and gyms like Curves offer one on one support and a group setting full of other women with the same goals, it is important to have support from someone to keep you accountable! Because of my pregnancy, for the first time, I had to understand calories, by knowing how many I needed and burned on a daily basis. This site helped me every step of the way, and I know they will for you too!