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September 2008
Recently, we have been flooded with a recurring question.
Q: "Should I stop taking Abdominal Cuts after I finish the bottle?"

A: Due to the lack of stimulants in Abdominal Cuts, it is not necessary to s... more

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June 2008

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Thanks to those that have emailed us their results! If you... more

May 2008
In the recent WOMAN'S WORLD article, you may have noticed a claim, regarding a supposed similarity between Abdominal Cuts and basic fish oil.

The fish oil contained in Abdominal Cuts is only a small part of the overall effectiveness contributed to Abdominal Cuts. The Abdominal Cuts formula contains far more effective ingredients than fish oil alone.

Abdominal Cuts contains a complex blend of fatty-acids including CLA, GLA, ALA, EPA, DHA, and Sesamin. These fatty-acids combine to make a powerful, fat reducing compound that displays astounding results. You can read more about each fatty-acid on the Abdominal Cuts Ingredients Page. collapse

5.3.08 Abdominal Cuts Featured in WOMAN'S WORLD Magazine Cover Story
The May 12th issue of WOMAN'S WORLD Magazine features Trista Sutter's amazing weight loss success, using Revolution Abdominal Cuts. You can pickup the article on most newsstands.